Is Cash Still King?


Over 70% of our transactions here in Manatee and Sarasota counties Florida on the Gulf Coast are cash. It used to be cash offers were more favored over financed. I have had sellers choose financed offers over cash because of better contract terms, or because of how respectful the negotiation. Most waterfront and luxury homes are cash purchases. Whether you are a cash buyer or not, there is a way to present your offer with a competitive edge that could earn the favor of the seller. Let me help you. Interest rates have ticked down this week. Opportunity is knocking. Click here to read an article with great insight. Contact me for a personalized strategy to fulfill your vision 941-504-3874.

Home Loan Tool Kit recommended by the CPFB!


If you are buying a home and intend to get a mortgage, here is a great resource the CPFB recommends. It has advice, worksheets, examples and more. If you need a trusted lender, I will help you find a good match for your needs. You can qualify as a first time homebuyer if you haven’t bought a home in over 3 years, even if you’ve owned a home before. There are down payment assistance programs available. Some addresses qualify for an appraisal waiver. If you need a trusted REALTOR®, contact me. I will work with your budget and timeline to find a home that fulfills your vision. Click here to download the Home Loan Toolkit.